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Protect Humanity in Fate/Grand Order Game: Download It for PC for Free

Fate/Grand Order is a mobile video game based on Fate/stay night visual novel by Type-Moon. Software is a turn-based RPG that features a mix of elements from visual novel and traditional RPGs. Story is based on Fate/stay night visual novel, follows Holy Grail War of Fuyuki City. Product was released in Japan in 2015, and an English version was released in 2017. Program Fate/Grand order download features a rich story based on popular Fate/stay night visual novel and anime, as well as a variety of mechanics that make it both easy to learn and difficult to master.


Graphics of Fate/Grand Order video game are colorful and detailed. Characters are well-designed and the environments are well-rendered. Cutscenes are well-animated, game's overall visual presentation is excellent. Battles are particularly well-animated, character sprites are both expressive and detailed. Characters and Servants are well-animated, backgrounds are beautiful. Graphics are faithful to the source material, fans of the Fate/stay night visual novel and anime will be pleased. Character models are well-animated, and environments are well-designed. Program cutscenes are well-produced, game's overall visual presentation is excellent.


Gameplay is a mix of elements from the visual novel and traditional RPGs. The game is turn-based, players will take turns attacking and defending. The game's Fate/Grand order for Windows combat is strategic, and persons will need to carefully consider their choices in order to defeat their opponents. Software features variety of sidequests and minigames, which are a welcome distraction from the game's main story. Players will need to carefully consider their Servant's strengths and weaknesses, as well as the terrain of the battlefield, in order to emerge victorious. Product Fate/Grand order for desktop is not afraid to mix things up, with a variety of unique mechanics, such as the "Command Card" system, that keep battles fresh and exciting. Player battles enemy Servants and Masters in turn-based combat. Player can choose to attack, use skills, or use items. Each Servant has unique skills that can be used to defeat opponents. Player can team up with other players in multiplayer mode to defeat powerful enemies. The game's Fate/Grand order online combat is a simple turn-based affair, with players taking turns attacking and using special abilities. Gacha system is used to obtain new characters, which can be used in combat. Program features a social element, with players being able to chat with other players and form alliances.


In this mode, players will need to create a deck of Servants and Command Cards, then do battle against other players' decks. Multiplayer mode Fate/Grand order for free online is both challenging and addictive, is sure to keep players coming back for more. Players can team up with other players to defeat powerful enemies. Multiplayer is well-balanced, players can use a variety of tactics to defeat their opponents.


Player can choose to play through the Holy Grail War or the Fate/stay night anime's Unlimited Blade Works scenario. Product is available for free on the App Store and Google Play, Fate/Grand Order game online is a lengthy game, it will take most players dozens of hours to complete the game's main story. Program features a variety of sidequests and minigames, which can extend the game's replayability.


  • How to start the game?
    You can start the game by downloading app on your mobile device.
  • I'm having trouble downloading the game. What should I do?
    Please make sure that you are using a compatible device and that your internet connection is stable. If you are still having trouble, please contact customer support.
  • How do I play Fate/Grand order game?
    After you have installed the game and launched it, you will be given a tutorial on how to play. Once you have completed the tutorial, you will be able to access the game's main menu. From here, you can start a new game, continue a saved game, or adjust the game's settings.
  • How do I save my game?
    Your game is automatically saved as you play. You can also save your game manually by accessing the game's main menu and selecting the "Save" option.
  • How do I win the game?
    Objective of the game is to defeat all of the enemies in each stage. Once you have defeated all of the enemies, you will be able to proceed to the next stage.


Overall, Fate/Grand Order online for free is a fun and addicting mobile game. Software features a turn-based combat system, player's objective is to defeat the enemy Servants and Masters. Product is based on the Fate/stay night visual novel, player takes on the role of a Master in command of a Servant.

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